For Children & Teenagers with Sleep Difficulties
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Professional Development Training and on-line Webinars

SleepAbility Promoting Positive Sleep Practices in Children & Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities

Two Day Training:

Sleep disturbance in children and adolescents with developmental disabilities has been clearly linked to reduced daytime functioning, increased problematic behaviour and increased family stress levels.

Research has identified that sleep disturbance is highly prevalent and persistent among young people with developmental disabilities and professional intervention is needed.

Allied health professionals working with children and adolescents are invited to attend a two day training program addressing sleep disturbance. It is essential to attend both days.

Workshop Content:

The workshop will cover typical sleep, sleep disturbance, communication, sensory and behavioural strategies to address sleep disturbance, positive sleep practices, case studies, developing and monitoring a sleep plan, sleep research results, running sleep education workshops and viewing parent digital stories.

At the end of the training participants will be familiar with the resources required to conduct educational workshops for parents and/or work individually with families. 

Virtual Two Day Training:

This is now available for organisations who wish an online virtual training for 20 participants across limited sites

On-line Webinars:

This series of 6 webinars provides the information as presented in the two day training for allied health and educational professionals also facilitated by Annie O’Connell. The training has evolved from clinical experience, training participants’ feedback, an overseas Churchill Fellowship and research. Cost :$220

Learning Outcomes:

Workers who undertake training will be able to:

  • Understand the stages and cycles of sleep and need for sleep.
  • Interpret sleep diaries.
  • Appraise a sleep history.
  • Identify possible sleep disturbance.
  • Recognise indicators for referral to specialised services.
  • Consider a child and family’s readiness to commence intervention to reduce sleep disturbance.
  • Review strategies to reduce sleep disturbance.
  • Develop a sleep plan based on communication, sensory and behavioural strategies.
  • Set sleep goals.
  • Monitor and adapt a sleep plan.


If you like to view the feedback from training participants in 2015 and 2016 please visit survey monkey with this code

2022 Training

1. Where: Adelaide Date: 23rd & 24th March, 2022. Contact Annie O'Connell

2. Where: Western Sydney Date:9th & 10th May, 2022 in house NSW Health, Closed

2021 Training

1. Where: Adelaide Date: 5 & 6th July, 2021. Contact Annie O'Connell Cancelled due to covid19

2020 Training

1. Where: Melbourne. Date: 20th & 21th April, 2020 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia - Postponed due to Covid 19

2. Where: Darwin, NT. Date: 4th & 5th June, 2020 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia - TBA. Postponed due to Covid 19

3. Where: Adelaide Date: 19th & 20th October, 2020. Contact Annie O'Connell

2019 Training

1. Where: Sydney, NSW. Date: 5th & 6th Feb, 2019 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia -

2. Where: Brisbane, QLD.  Date: 10th -13th March, 2019 in house ECEI, Closed

3. Where: Sydney, NSW. Date 11th-12th September, 2019 in house CP Alliance, Closed

4. Where: Brisbane, QLD. Date: 17th & 18th September, 2019 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia -

5. Where: Melbourne, VIC.  Date: 28th-31st  July, 2019 copresenting with Dr Chris Chapparo hosted by Zi Mei Events - for Expressions of Interest

6. Where: Adelaide, SA. Dates: 1st February Introduction; 12th April Sleep Assessments and Strategies; 19th July Advanced , 2019 hosted by Develop Therapy Services - contact 08 8346 4580 or

2018 Training

1. Where: Adelaide, SA. Date: 8th & 9th February, 2018 hosted by Develop Therapy Services - contact 08 8346 4580 or

2. Where: Sydney, NSW. Date: 3rd & 4th May, 2018 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia (NSW & ACT) -

3. Where: Brisbane, QLD. Date: 17th & 18th September, 2018 copresenting with Dr Chris Chapparo hosted by Zi Mei Events -

4. Where: Adelaide, SA. Date: 10th &11th October, 2018 hosted by Develop Therapy Services - contact 08 8346 4580 or

2017 Training

1. Where: Adelaide, SA. Date: Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January 2017 hosted by SleepAbility - contact Annie at or 0418 802224

2. Where: Melbourne, Victoria. Date: 3rd & 4th March 2017 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia (Vic) -

3. Where: Sydney, NSW.  Date 28th & 29th June 2017 hosted by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Fully booked.

4. Where: Adelaide, SA. Date 11th & 12th October hosted by Develop Therapy Services. contact 214 8356 4580

5. Where: Sydney, NSW. Date 20th & 21th December hosted by sdn children services. In house.

2016 Training    

1. Where: East Gosford, NSW. Date: Thursday 14 & Friday 15th April 2016 hosted by Yarran

2. Where: Catherine Fields, West Sydney, NSW. Date: Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April 2016 hosted by Macarthur Early Childhood Intervention Service. Cost $400, Students $300.
Contact Ellissa Fry on or 46289332

3. Where: Adelaide, S.A.  Date: Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th  July 2016 hosted by Occupational Therapy Australia (SA) information available

2015 Training

1. Where: Melbourne. Date: Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th April 2015 hosted by Cerebral Palsy Education Center

2. Where: Adelaide. Date: Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th August 2015 hosted by SleepAbility

3. Where: Melbourne. Date:Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th September 2015 hosted by Norparrin, Melbourne City Mission

4. Where: Maitland, NSW.   Date: Thursday 24th & Friday 25th September 2015 hosted by Early Links Inclusion Support


SleepAbility - Sleep – Snooze it or Lose it:

Two hour Training

Annie is available to present an introductory session for allied health professionals promoting adequate sleep for people across the life span.

Session Content

  • Impact of inadequate sleep
  • Quantity& quality of sleep/sleepiness
  • Occupational role of sleep
  • Typical sleep cycles and stages
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Framework to address adequate sleep
  • Resources/tools
  • Case Study

Contact Annie to discuss the training needs of your organization or for a quote.

Mobile:  0418 802224