For Children & Teenagers with Sleep Difficulties
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Sleep Intervention for Individuals and Families

Annie has ceased taking referrals as of November 2022.

However please seek therapists who are trainned in sleep and can support your family.

Research has shown that the best outcomes for a sleep intervention are gained through:

  • Sleep education with parents and carers.

  • Completion of a sleep diary.

  • A detailed sleep interview (often 1-2 hours) with medical review if required.

  • Developing a unique sleep plan for your child, reflecting family preferences using a range of communication, sensory and behavioural approaches.

  • Ongoing review with changes to the sleep plans as needed.

Many children and teenagers’ sleep disturbances have occurred for a long time so changes in sleep may take several weeks or months.

Depending on your child’s need, families may wish a more gradual plan especially when there are multiple sleep disturbances, complex medical conditions and severe anxiety.

While face to face meetings are preferred for the sleep education session and sleep interview (in home or community centre), the development and review of the sleep plan can occur via skype or telephone. Typically the sleep intervention would include a sleep assessment and approximately 5-12 sessions to develop and implement the sleep plan. Please contact to refer.

Common sleep difficulties include: poor settling to sleep; difficulties staying asleep; lack of consistent bedtime routine; environment not conducive to sleep; emotional & attachment issues; night feeding; early waking; difficulties with self soothing, nightmares and sleep terrors